When You Say ‘Abortion is Murder,’ That’s Your Religious Belief

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Christian Nationalism is Literally Killing Us

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Easter Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

Finding the sacred after church hurt Photo by OC Gonzalez on Unsplash When I was 22, at the same age a lot of young people leave their faith altogether, Good Friday and Easter were my favorite holidays. I hated the commercialization of Christmas (still do). It was my first year living in the “real world” after college, in … Continue reading Easter Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

Maternity leave and its challenges to evangelical capitalistic patriarchy

As I write this, I am staring down my own maternity leave for our baby. I’m excited for that time but also nervous: will it be enough time? How will our family’s finances manage during those weeks? When I start back to work, how will the baby be sleeping? Will I be ready to juggle … Continue reading Maternity leave and its challenges to evangelical capitalistic patriarchy

Creating Communities that Don’t Cause Religious Trauma

No group can be perfect in all these measures, but people who have experienced religious trauma have a hyper-sensitive alert system for anything that feels off. “Off” might include problematic theology, power dynamics, in / out requirements to be part of the group, environments of control or secrecy, and so forth.

How to Heal From Religious Trauma

First off, let’s acknowledge that a pithy social media quote and a blog post are not going to heal anyone from their trauma. Inner work is a long and complex journey, and I would never pretend that a self-help book and an online article will get you where you need to go. But I would … Continue reading How to Heal From Religious Trauma

Beliefs creating religious trauma

Today we are going to jump into some of the specific beliefs that may cause or contribute to religious trauma. The context I am most familiar with is American Christianity, in particular, the very wide net of evangelicalism. Thus, all of my examples are compatible with common beliefs of that system. Some evangelicals (cultural / … Continue reading Beliefs creating religious trauma