What I’m listening to

I’m a bit of a podcast addict and it’s where I often get writing inspiration. I’m sharing the love here in case you’re inspired to check out some of these great podcasts. Maybe we have some in common! I listen to everything on Stitcher but I’m including links to their main websites.

  • The Liturgists (of course). This is a religious / spiritual podcast that’s often enjoyed by people with more conservative Christian upbringings who are going through a period of deconstruction and shifting their theology, but their listeners are really across the board. I went to the Nashville gathering in the end of 2018, which was wonderful. Some of my favorite episodes are Evangelical (1&2), The Enneagram, Black & White (Racism in America), The Ethics of F***ing (1&2).  http://www.theliturgists.com/podcast/
  • On Being with Krista Tippett. Krista interviews super thoughtful change-makers, authors, thinkers, innovators, etc. She is so compassionate and intuitive in her approach and I always feel I learn something new. Some of my favs are Anand Giridharadas – When the Market is Our Only Language (I promise, it’s not boring!!), Frances Kissling – What is Good in the Position of the Other, Seth Godin – Life, the Internet, and Everything, and Cory Booker – Civic Spiritual Evolution.  https://onbeing.org/series/podcast/
  • Ask Science Mike. Science Mike is one of the hosts of the Liturgists conversations. I love his rational, scientific approach that explores important questions (and not so important questions) his listeners pose to him. Favs include How Screwed Are We? and The Art and Science of Changing Minds.  http://mikemchargue.com/asksciencemike/
  • Reconstruct: The Collective Exploration of Our Faith. I’m just getting into this one, but I like it’s thoughtful, not-too-dry theological explorations. Similar situations of having deconstructed and doing some reconstruction. I like the two episodes about inerrancy, and Adam Clark – Spiritual Practices and Contemplation.  https://www.reconstructpodcast.com/
  • Homebrewed Christianity with Tripp Fuller. From a progressive Christian lens, Tripp provides zany, humorous, and rigorously intellectual theological interviews with some pretty cool folks. Some of my favs are “The best antidote to rampant partisanship with Dan Koch,” “Jesus rode a dinosaur LIVE with Science Mike,” “Diana Bass + Brian McLaren = #zesty,” and “The entangled God of my heart with Illia Delio.” See? Cool folks. Also looking forward to hearing the interviews with John Dominic Crossan, Catherine Keller, and other good topics.